How can we be better neighbors?

August 2011:  The HOA has received an increasing number of complaints about a “general sense of disrespect for the property.”  Undoubtedly, you too have noticed the symptoms:

  1. Cigarette butts
  2. Animal waste
  3. Random litter – beer cans, wrappers, etc.
  4. Garbage not being placed in the bins (resulting in it being strewn about)

To address these complaints and the underlying issues, the HOA has taken the following actions: Continue reading

Can we have pets on the roof?

No.  Pets are not allowed on rooftop common areas of the One Cool Blow units as a result of past noncompliance.

Consistent with the HOA’s zero tolerance policy, no warnings will be issued.  Fines will start at at $100.00  If there is a third fine for any violation, lessees will be evicted

— The HOA Board

Can we have barbecues on rooftop patios?

The One Cool Blow Homeowners Association is now enforcing new rules for grills kept on the rooftop patio.

If you wish to have a grill on the roof, you must register it with the HOA. See the rules and the registration form in the applicable section of the “HOA Rules” webpage.

The intent of these new policies is to keep the rooftop patios clean and safe for all residents to enjoy. If you own a grill and follow the easy guidelines on usage and maintenance, then you can continue to enjoy barbecuing on the rooftop patio.

— The HOA Board

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