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About The Community

One Cool Blow, a condominium and commercial complex in downtown Charleston, South Carolina is a one-of-a-kind property.

Residents enjoy modern, spacious lofts featuring architectural designs not seen anywhere else in the area, common area rooftops, gated parking, and other thoughtful touches.

The residents, Homeowners Association, and Property Managers are committed to providing a safe, quiet retreat in the heart of the booming NoMo area of Charleston.

Info & Resources

Once you download a form and fill it out, submit it to courtenay@charlestongreencommercial.com.


There is a strict noise ordinance in place from 11:00 PM – 8:00 AM in the each building. Any disturbances reported during that time associated with your unit or its tenants will result in penalties, including fines.

For all other hours of the day, we ask that you respect your neighbors and keep noise to a minimum.

The HOA requires a 6-month minimum lease for all units, residential and commercial. All leases must be submitted to the HOA and Charleston Green Commercial before the start date.

There is a zero tolerance policy with regards to short term rentals – including but not limited to those offered on Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway, and more. Owners caught renting units under 6-months in length will be fined without warning and reported to the City of Charleston Livability Office for operating an illegal short term rental.

Please register your vehicle by filling out this form and submitting it to Charleston Green Commercial. You will be issued a parking sticker.

Vehicles without a parking sticker are subject to towing at the owner’s expense. In addition, long term storage or parking of vehicles is not permitted. The lot is reserved for cars in active use.

Golf carts are not permitted in the community’s parking lot unless it is an owner’s sole vehicle and/or approved by the HOA board.

The HOA pays for a variety of services to keep the property in good condition, including: janitorial, landscaping, window cleaning, trash and recycling, common area painting, maintenance for the elevators, generator, fountains, and gates.

Please report any issues or concerns to the HOA management company.

We ask that you respect your neighbors and the property you live in by picking up after your pets’ waste and managing your dog’s barking.  There are (4) dog waste stations at the property with bags that are continuously supplied by maintenance.

Residents who  do not follow these guidelines will be subject to penalties including fines.

The green roofs shall NOT be used as a bathroom for pets. Pets and pet waste are strictly prohibited on the green roofs.

If you wish to have a grill on the roof, you must register it with the HOA. See the rules on the registration form.

The intent of these policies is to keep the rooftop patios clean and safe for all residents to enjoy. If you own a grill and follow the easy guidelines on usage and maintenance, then you can continue to enjoy barbecuing on the rooftop patio.

The trash room is reserved for regular trash and recycling, not for large items or furniture.

Any resident seen dumping furniture or items outside of the bins in the trash room or around the property will be subject to fines.

The quickest and most effective way to report an issue is to use this form on the website.

By using this form, you help the residents and management solve issues more effectively!

With the amount of construction going on in the neighborhood, construction crews may turn off main water lines for a short period. This causes the building’s water to run cloudy and brownish in color.  This is normal and will eventually run clear.

In some units, there is a water cut off valve to the right of the water heater.  It is a knob coming out of the metal connector piece.  The water is on when the knob is vertical. To shut off the water for the unit, turn it a quarter so that the knob is horizontal.

If your unit does not have this shutoff valve, contact the Property Management company to schedule a water shutoff for the whole building.

Building Utilities


Dominion Energy


Comcast (Xfinity)


Charleston Water System (paid for by the HOA)

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